Friday, 1 October 2010

Back to work Part 2

My second afternoon back at work was yesterday. I was able to think and get things done, and next week I am planning to do a little more.

My head is still clear, no further episodes of breakthrough pain on the neuralgia,  although I am still taking my medication. I get occasional "hugs" around my ribcage when tired or stressed, but the incidence of these seems to be reducing. My feet are still warm and sensation remains in my lower body. I am experiencing occasional tingling around the ankle, a new symptom I have not had before.

Robin reports that my walking is getting better and faster by the day, I guess as the muscles are becoming used to working normally again. Certainly stairs are no longer the challenge they once were, and I can carry a cup of coffee without slopping half of it on the floor.

Last night we walked to our local pub to have a meal to celebrate, although yesterday was my last day of heparin injections, so I  was on the orange juice. Shame because they do some good real ales there, but that's for another day. To misquote Neil Armstrong, this was a short stroll for man, but a giant leap for MSkind.

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