Friday, 29 October 2010

Don't try to do too much

Is there anyone out there who listens to the advice they are given? Especially the advice they give themselves? Having been ill for a long time, and had an operation just a month ago, I really should have been building up my activity levels gradually. So far I've been careful to split my daily walks into chunks, listening to my body and stopping before I got too tired. But I've been feeling so good,and it has been so great to go back to work, that I haven't been pacing myself as I should. I started back at two afternoons per week and that was fine. I was coping well, and adding a extra afternoons was going OK. Hey, Ma, look at me, top o' the world.

Then things got really busy. Instead of continuing to pace myself, and wanting to feel useful again, I kept going. I was enjoying being part of a team again, rather than living the isolation that MS imposed. What's a few more hours?

So today, after nearly two and a half full days at work,without a day off in between, my body called time.  Heck, I've had too long of not being able to do anything, that the concept of doing too much is actually pleasurable.

It is good to be normally tired again. No cog fog, no going virtually comatose. MS exhaustion is so different from that experienced by just over doing it. I will sleep like a log tonight. But I will wake up rested and refreshed. It is a long time since I could say that.

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