Sunday, 24 October 2010

Poland Treatment centres under threat

 Sometimes something arises which challenges the medical orthodoxy, and the proponents are ridiculed and excluded. This has happened with everything from vaccination, through bacterial infection, anaethesia to the link between stomach ulcers and a bacterium. Don't let this happen with CCSVI.

Please read the conversation on This is MS, and if you can, send an email in support.

"A neurologist, Dr. Danuta Ryglewicz, and the director of the medical association of Poland have contacted the ministry of health in an attempt to shut down CCSVI treatment in Poland. Please write e-mails to and and ask them to stop their attempts and state why the CCSVI treatment is needed. Or, if you're already treated, tell them your experience. Please send me a blind copy of your mail to, so I can collect them and use them to confront both with them."

Thank you

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