Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Sue has her mojo back

This is something that can be skimmed over in "living with MS" guides, but is a very real issue for those of us with MS, and their partners. Apart from the psycological problems associated with living with a chronic progressive incurable disease, and the practical ones associated with poor bladder and bowel control, fatigue and spasticity, loss of sexual function in itself is often glossed over.

Numbness and loss of sensation  below the waist means just that. No amount of lubrication and extra stimulation will help if the messages just aren't getting through. Loss of physical intimacy in a relationship is one more thing to chalk up to the MonSter.

As the sedation wore off after my operation, Robin stroked my feet, and I was able to feel his touch for the first time in a long time. He continued, touching my ankles and calves, joking that further exploration should be left for another time.

Five weeks after my operation, I am pleased to announce that full sensation has returned.

Sue has got her mojo back.

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