Monday, 11 October 2010

Saw my GP today

Strange to say, but it was really good to see my GP today. She has seen me since my MS was a bunch of strange, unexplained happenings, and at least this time I was not worse than the visit before. Indeed I looked brighter, sounded better and walked without the aid of a stick for the first time in a long time.

It is hard to continue to be hard headed and rational about all this, when it has made such a difference to my life. Each day I am walking a little further, and although my gait is not perfect, at least I am master of my own destiny again.

Some of the people I know have not been so lucky. A couple have had the blockage in the veins come back (re-stenosis) and a couple have had such complicated problems that standard angioplasty, even with stents, has not been able to resolve their circulation.

It also depends on how long and how aggressive the MS has been. If a lot of damage to the brain and spinal cord has  occured, and there is a lot of pre-existing scar tissue, then it is unlikely that this can be recovered from. Although some stroke patients can recover quite a lot of function, despite large areas of the brain being affected, the damage is recent. But with aggressive physiotherapy and rehabilitation, who knows what can happen? That is for other lab rats to determine. For this one, the fundamental theory works.

I continue to read up everything I can on the connection between MS and the vascular system. Links to interesting stuff are in the pages attatched to this blog.

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  1. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you Sue!!
    You have such a gift for words and such a gift for transmitting emotions.
    I dream and wait for Liberation but in the meantime I follow blogs like yours..and build mine when I'm "trapped" inside for whatever reason...
    I love your honesty..and I sure wish more people would "eat smart" and follow Swank and Embry's Best Diet and vitamins and ..meditation and of course laughter..lots of it!!
    Ciao and Peace to you