Sunday, 21 November 2010

Two months on, still looking good

It's two months now since I had my operation in Poland, and things are still going really well.

I have kept all the gains I made in the early days. My feet are still warm and I have sensation  below the waist. Bladder control has normalised. Fatigue has gone, although I cannot push myself too far. I am back working part time, and loving it. I very rarely "talk MS" any more, where I pick totally the wrong word, unless I am getting overtired. My gait has improved, and I can walk further.

I filled in my status update on CCSVI tracking today and this made me focus on what happened. My personal graph is starting to look more meaningful, and it is good to see how far I have come.

Today we went for a walk to some local springs. I managed to cross the water via some stepping stones - a small set of steps for a man, but a giant leap for this woman.


  1. Love the Neil Armstrong paraphrase- your blog is SO well written! Keep it up!

  2. You spotted the (mis-)quote! Glad you like my writing. Hope you are getting something useful from it.