Friday, 8 June 2012

Is it nearly two years?

How time flies.

It was when I came to make my latest entry to CCSVI tracking  that it came to me just how long it has been since my treatment in Poland. I have to make a concious effort to remember what my symptoms were like before, especially the fog that used to envelop my mind and render me hard of thinking.

Plus the exhaustion that used to overwhelm me without warning. I still get some exhaustion, but nothing like as bad or as often as it was. My left leg declares UDI from time to time, and if you watch me walk you know something is wrong - but hey, I'm walking. I used a wheelchair to get through the airport on the way to Poland, as I couldn't have made it otherwise.

I still suffer from trigeminal neuralgia - the operation did not touch that, so I'm waiting to have a surgeon stick a massive needle in my face to try and sort it. Meanwhile it's keep taking the tablets.

My feet are warm. The MS Hug is minimal. So was it worth it?

For Me? Definitely!

Would I do it again? In an instant.

For those considering the treatment, If you can afford it, give it a go.