Monday, 4 October 2010

Daily victories

I don't know how long it is before it is considered a real and not a placebo effect. 10 days on and my head is still clear and I stand and walk as well as I did two years ago. The daily slide into incapacity has halted.

Prior to MS fogging up my brain I used to love cooking, especially baking. Recently my repertoire was limited to packet mixes - even following a recipe was too complex, causing that horrible 'overload' where I ended up not only confused by the recipe, but totally unable to function.  Only bread  remained within my limits.

Today I made a flour less chocolate cake, following a recipe. It is these little victories that mean as much as the big ones.

I have a vibration trainer that I have been using to try and keep my muscles in tone. Prior to my operation, I also used it to help control my neuralgia. If I was getting a peak attack and caught it early enough, 5 minutes vibrating my neck and shoulders often nipped the attack in the bud. I'm now using it to help build back up the muscles in my  lower body. As it doesn't make me overheat, I find this the best way at the moment.

My other big plus is that my bladder control has improved. This may be because I have sensation back in my lower body, I don't now.

Over all I feel very positive. I just want it to stay that  way.

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