Thursday, 23 September 2010

Why Poland?

Places offering the Liberation Treatment are springing up all over the world, as the clamour from patients gets louder and louder. I wanted it done, but I also wanted to feel confident in the place and staff. After Dr Zamboni, there is probably one name that leaps out:
Dr Simka 

He is head of the clinic here in Poland offering the treatment, and everything I saw and heard increased my confidence in them:

Travelling  to another country for any medical procedure is a scary business. In the UK there is much talk about people travelling abroad for work, then having to have the NHS sort out the mess after their return home.

Then of course there is the cost, not just of the treatment, but getting there and back, hotels etc. When I found that there was a flight from my local airport to Katowice, the decision was made.

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