Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Saw my Neuro today

Still feeling good. Robin says my walking is getting faster all the time.

It was time for my routine appointment with my neurologist today, and Robin came along with me. I told him about my operation in Poland and showed him details of what I had done. After the initial shock, he was quite open to discuss the procedure.

He gave me a good checkout and saw that I was better than when he last saw me. I still have slight intention tremor in my left hand, my reflexes are "brisk", but my feet responded normally to the touching of my soles. Last time there was no response at all.

We had an interesting discussion about the placebo effect and how technique affects surgical outcomes. This was why I had chosen Poland, because of their vast experience. I am to  see him again in six months,and he is interested in the results of my follow-up examination in Katowice. For the mean-time, I am treating this as a major remission, and intend to keep taking all my medication except the modafinil (Provigil), which I definitely no longer need.

This may be a study of one, but for those of you interested, I intend to keep a record of how I do from here on in, good and bad, so you can use it to make your own judgements about CCSVI.

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