Friday, 24 September 2010

Out of Hospital - Check ups

The first of my check-ups was yesterday afternoon with the neurologist. He smiled, but said he could think of no neurological explanation for what he was seeing.

Then this morning another Doppler ultrasound with one of the doctors from EuroMedic. Flow is now good in both my left and right jugular veins. Because they are both quite wide, the risk of restenosis is apparently quite low. Just keep up my injections for the next week, and then back in 6 months for a check-up.

I have some bruising in my right groin, where they accessed my femoral vein, and on my left hand where my IV cannula went in, other than that, fine.

These are two screen shots from my operation, showing pre and post angioplasty:
 Here you can see the contrast medium building up in my jugular, as it is unable to flow through, and spilling into some collateral veins.
After the ballooning the contrast is flowing straight through, down and towards my heart. This was the darkest image I could find, because the contrast medium went away so fast. There is no collateral vein circulation here.

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