Thursday, 23 September 2010

Today is the day

8am in the hotel lobby.

A cluster of nervous people assembled, waiting transfer to the clinic. Overnight bags packed, paperwork ready and adrenaline pumping.

Our driver takes us to the clinic where we hand over our paperwork , change into hospital gowns and get into bed. In between the nurses bustling around, taking blood and urine samples, attaching sensor pads for the ECG machine and generally getting us ready, we are each seen by the anaesthetist and a neurologist.

Each of the rooms has three beds, and by the time one of the surgeons comes in to carry out a Doppler ultrasound exam on me, we hear that the first procedure is over and the second is underway.

I go in at about midday, having had a number of litres of fluid via IV and a catheter fitted. To be honest I remember little of what happened from there onwards. Access is done via my right femoral vein, where a local anaesthetic is used, and I am given light sedation to keep me relaxed.

After what felt like 5 minutes, but was in fact about an hour, the surgeon came to my head, to say that they had done balloon angioplasty with excellent results. I was wheeled back and put to bed where Robin was waiting.

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