Thursday, 9 December 2010

Notes on the CCSVI vs autoimmune theories part 2

Myelin antigen reactive T cells in cerebrovascular diseases

Modulation of Post-ischaemic immune response in stroke

Stroke and the resulting predisposition to develop immune reaction to myelin basic protein

The "auto-immune" reaction of T-cells in spinal chord injury

Carbon monoxide poisoning, hypoxia and changes to myelin basic protein and immunological response

Post-ischaemic immune response to stroke

Neurogenic bladder  and demyelination following brain hypoxia caused by a car accident

Short term symptoms suggestive of demyelination following carbon monoxide poisoning

So damage the brain, provide some kind of inflammatory insult,and immune reaction to myelin follows.
At last we begin to see which is the chicken and which the egg, and that this response is not unique to MS. Also, we see that short term oxygen deprivation of the brain causes some of the common symptoms of MS.

So what could cause periodic or progressive inflammation of the central nervous system, and hypoxia of the tissues? CCSVI? Removing the obstruction causing  CCSVI does appear to resolve many of the symptoms of MS.

If MS is a chronic, ongoing hypoxic insult to the brain and spine, due to could be exacerbated by any event when further lessens oxygen to the brain...high altitude, viral or bacterial infection, vasoconstriction. More lesions are formed, the damage continues.

The hypoxia created by CCSVI is chronic, ongoing, but much slower than what happened in the last two studies above. It takes many years to develop damage. Restore oxygen to the brain and spine, and healing and remyelination should take place.

It may also shine a light on the much debated hyperbaric oxygen treatment. So long as it at a sufficient level for adequate penetration of the brain and spinal tissues, CCSVI may explain why some MS patients received benefit, especially in reduction of neurogenic bladder.

On a totally different note, could CCSVI in the non-MS population explain the incidence of ME (Myalgic Encephalopathy/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome)? Migraines? Bends in seemingly healthy SCUBA divers with "nominal" dive profiles?

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