Thursday, 18 November 2010

Comparisons, or this made me think.

An article appeared in The Lancet this week provoking quite a bit of coverage in the UK press, which made me draw some comparisons with how CCSVI is being  considered by the medical world.

The original proof of concept study for a "revolutionary" medical procedure was published in April 2009, involving 50 patients, about the same time and number as Dr Zamboni's work.

Here we are in November 2010, and a further multicentre study, double blinded, has been carried out and the results published for the blood pressure treatment. Yet it is not that disimilar, in that a catheter is threaded in via the femoral vein to the target, in this case the kidney ,where the nerves are disabled with a blast of high frequency energy. Yet CCSVI and its  treatment is still hotly debated and limited trials are just recruiting, although many centres around the world are now offering it, at a price.

The press headlines are similar. The Independent newsaper says "Simple surgery offers hope to millions with high blood pressure".

But as we are warned to avoid a highly dangerous procedure that may have serious consequences, it is described here as "The minimally invasive procedure".

Makes you think.

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