Sunday, 7 November 2010

Emotional incontinence

Just as I spoke about improvement in my emotional control following my procedure, it seems that a new drug has been approved by the FDA to reduce the effects of  Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA) which can lead to uncontrollable and sometimes inappropriate laughing and crying..It is a combination of dextromethorphan, usually used as a cough suppressant, and quinidine, used to control the heart.

Nuedexta as it is called  was approved on 30th October , and the company, Avenir, expects it to be available by prescription first quarter 2011 in the USA. UK patients don't hold your breath.

Interestingly, if you Google for Nuedexta, the first item is "Avanir Pharma shares double on FDA drug approval".

Gilenya, the new oral  disease modifying drug for MS, is also to be available on prescription shortly. Whilst anything that does not involve sticking yourself with a needle on a regular basis is to be applauded, I for one will be watching to see the level of side effects once it reaches a wider population. Because I take Cordyceps, from which it was developed, I tried unsucessfully to join one of the drug trials.

I shall be tracking and comparing reported side effects with those reported as a consequence of the Liberation Procedure.I shall try to keep my personal thoughts and emotions out of it.

Talking of emotional incontinence, I was reminded today by someone that it can be hard to deal with the exuberence of the successful for those who tried CCSVI treatent and got no benefit.Yes there are some out there. It can be hard to remember those less lucky when it feels like a miracle in your own life.

The guy in question is still an advocate of CCSVI via the CCSVI Alliance. Kudos to him, it must be difficult sometimes. The site offers some excellent information, so go visit.

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