Saturday, 20 November 2010

Sad news brings raging controversy

The sad news that a Canadian man has died following complications from his CCSVI surgery hit the web yesterday. Apparently he died last month, but his family felt unable to speak until now.

35 year old  Mahir Mostic from  Ontario travelled to Costa Rica to have the procedure carried out in June. After experiencing improvement, his symptoms worsened, and after an ultrasound ,he returned to Costa Rica. A blood clot had formed in his vein, where a stent had been placed. Drugs were injected into the clot to try and disperse it, but sadly he died, reportedly of internal bleeding, on October 19th. News Coverage

As details emerged it triggered a torrent of debate about whether or not his death could have been avoided, either by being able to have the initial operation in Canada, or if suitable follow-up treatment had been available. Reactions

Reports of him being refused treatent for the complications of his operation, along with allegations of patients being delisted by their neurologists and GPs after having the procedure, have fuelled the heated discussions.

This has prompted both the Canadian MS Society and College of Physicians and Surgeons to issue statements, but so far the heat has not gone away.
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