Saturday, 13 November 2010

More CCSVI success

I was delighted today to meet with one of my friends who has been out to Bulgaria for the liberation procedure. For the first time in a long time she was able to walk across from the car without the use of a stick. The grins on her face and that of her husband said it all really.

Prior to going out there, she used a wheelchair or mobility scooter for any distance, and  a cane (plus husband) or two canes for short walks. She had gone from working full time to a couple of days a week and even that was getting too much. Two weeks on from her operation and she goes back to work tomorrow.

Like most people I speak to, her feet are now warm, much to her husband's delight. Her balance is back, although her legs are still weak after so long. She has visited a supermarket, again for the first time and goes for walks. Her back pain has resolved

She spent two hours in the operating theatre, LJV 90%, RJV 80% Azygous 70% blocked. Unlike me, she was not sedated during the procedure and felt a definite "whooshing" as the blockages were cleared. A lifelong lump behind her right ear, which had been described as a fluid filled cyst, has now vanished. The CDs of her operation make fascinating viewing.

 Another friend, who was much further along with MS, can now put gloves on hands that were virtually useless, and move her legs in bed.

The evidence of benefit from this approach is building all the time and the grins are spreading.

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