Wednesday, 15 December 2010

three months on and keeping well

Keeping well MS wise at least! I've succumbed to the winter coughs and colds doing the rounds, but in a funny way it's good to feel bad like anybody else. It's part of being "normal" again.

So here's an update of how my symptoms are:

Bladder is stable and medication not required to keep it under control. Pre-operation I took tolterodine (Detrusitol XL) but this is definitely no longer needed. My bladder functions completely normally.

Mood is much better. Again, prior to my angioplasty I took citalopram, but having gradually reduced the dose, I find I am OK without it.

Balance is about 90%, but even without MS it was never perfect, and my hand-eye co-ordination was so-so. Most of the time I'm OK, but if tired or as recently when running a temperature, it is a little bit off. I can stand on one leg and walk heel to toe without falling over. Couldn't do either pre-angioplasty.

I'm still not 100% confident/comfortable going up and down stairs, but I don't know if that is more mental than physical. I used to use some of the spasticity in my leg muscles to help me stand and I still have some residual stiffness and soreness which is especially noticeable on getting out of a chair and using stairs. I don't know if this is permanent or will gradually wear off.

Walking is good. My gait is not perfect, and I need to stop every so often for a rest, but I can go places. Before my operation, from the house to the car, or across the road felt like the height of my ambition, but now a stroll in Kew Gardens is an option again, even if I have to pause for a sit down now and then.

Best of all is the cog-fog. My brain is clear and I can hold a thought in my head. I don't struggle for words like I did. MS fatigue is a thing of the past, and I no longer need modafinil just to get through the day.

My own estimate is that I have regained about 80% functionality compared with pre-MS. So do I consider my operation a success? Oh yes! Would I go through it again if my symptoms return? In an instant.

I know that MS can grant remission, but I have not been like this for years, so in the words of the Mythbusters, CCSVI is plausible.


  1. Hey Sue
    Just had my 3mth follow up doppler everything clear blood is flowing in the right direction. Happy to hear that you are still doing well, have you watched your interview yet on the TV. Keep writing your blogs I enjoy reading them.
    Merry Christmas & All the best for 2011 to you and Robyn
    Kas & Dalton

  2. hi sue

    glad to hear you and kas are still making sister liane has had a little respite but not much as her MS is more progressed than you have any suggestions as to vitamin suppliments for her? regards neil

  3. Hi neil.
    Sorry I missed your comment earlier. I'm glad Liane had some benefit. I hope you are all well. There are a large number of supplements that help MS, so I'll make a post about them. Perhaps others will also find it useful as well.
    regards, Sue