Tuesday, 25 January 2011

I survived the gym

Despite last minute trepidation and a strong desire not to go, I made it through my first gym session today. I started by using an MS knowledgeable trainer, to make sure I did things properly and got the most out of it

The trainer was worth every penny, as he took me through the exercise machines and stretches, working out what was best for me. Although it wasn't  a full workout, I was getting tired by the end. But we have set out  a detailed plan for me, including stretches to do at home, in between gym sessions. Having someone there , as well as helping me do things correctly,  helped keep me going rather than giving up and going home.

Once I had showered and dressed, I did feel quite energised, although I think I'll sleep well tonight. This seeems to fit in with current findings. Read more here.

Although in the past it was thought that exercise was not suitable for MS  patients, because of the fear that it might bring on an exacerbation.

But latest information is that exercise may actually help protect our brains, reducing inflammation and loss of white matter. Which also fits with the CCSVI hypothesis, as exercise will improve circulation in the brain.

So roll on Friday and my next session.

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